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Win 98SE, Radeon 32MBDDR, M-Audio DiO 2496, Loaded with Cineplayer 4.0, Powerdvd 4, and Windvd 3.0.

I use the Zoomplayer 2.5 as the front end, with the Cineplayer video filter and the Powerdvd's audio filter.

I uninstalled the old Radeon 7089 drivers, searched for ati*.* and removed everything. Also deleted a ATI Techonogies folder in the REGEDIT.

But when I played any dvds, the PQ is very good, but it froze after a good 2 or three minutes. After a few seconds, I moved the mouse and the playback continued and will happen again after a few minutes.

I tried with using Windvd, no problem on the freezes. I tried with driver 9021, same freezing.

Back to the older 9009, it player 2 movies with no freezes.

But I like the 9031 Picture quality. Does anyone has success with it?

It is not my hardware problem for i have isolated the problem to the drivers and zoomplayer compatibility issue.


CH Yeow
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