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My current setup is:

Denon 3801

Panasonic BD85

Def Tech Pro Center 1000

Boston Acoustics VR965 (front and rear)

Boston Acoustics CR85 (rear center)

Def Tech ProSub 100TLBL

As you can tell I have had this stuff a while. I like how it sounds but I am debating whether to get a new receiver to cut down on cables or get the OPPO 93 to get my DVD Audio and SACD back (only have a few discs of each one so it isn't like I have a library of them).

I am looking at the Denon 2112 or 3312. I don't plan on having any second zones so that doesn't make a difference. I am not sure if the lower amps would make a difference with my speakers because they are powered. If I do go this route I would get the denon 1611 bd player because it does sacd and dvd audio over hdmi.

On the other hand the OPPO is definetly tops in its game as well. I can get the 2112 and 1611 for a little bit more than the oppo. If I get the 3312 I would stick with the Panny bluray.

Looking for opinions on what yall think is best.

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I'd replace that dinosaur of a receiver. The BD you already have is as good as they get, minus 3D.

If you raise the receiver up a tad...you can get one with a multi-channel input, then buy an older Denon Universal DVD(1910/1930 etc) and run it multi-channel.

Since you "apparently" don't have 3D, why buy a "brand new" receiver? There are deals on the older 2310. That receiver, to me, would be the receiver of choice over the 2112 or 1611.
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