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It looks like I'll be in the market for a new receiver. My previous amp/receivers (still working fine) include a Yamaha AVX100 and more recently RX-V3300. I thought at the time that the 3300 would be future proof, but I guess not (no HDMI etc) so I am looking at adding to my collection.

Naturally one of the first brands that I revisited was Yamaha. Particularly the 3900 and Z7. I don't know as that I'll ever go beyond 5.1 so the jump to the Z11 is tough to justify.

Then my Automation guy comes along and says what I REALLY need is the Sunfire Theater Grand. Now I'm getting confused.

I have pretty decent technology in the new house. Vantage Infusion, Speakercraft distributed audio, Infinova cameras/dvr, and Tekmar HVAC control. I just bought my first plasma (35" Trinitron CRT prior) and want to do it right the first time. Open to suggestions. i will not have a fancy theater room. This will be the Great room at 27x20 approx with open loft/vaulted ceiling at well in excess of 20' to peak. An open concept house with the main shape being 28x50 and the enntire loft open.
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