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Greetings All,

I am in need of some advice on a new receiver to drive the audio system in a new home I am having built. While I understand computers well, this is just not an area of expertise for me.

New home has a whole home audio system that can be fed a few different ways. The primary room, the living room is wired and has 6 speakers of a 7.2 configuration installed into the ceiling. At this time I still need to pickup two subs for the configuration and possibly a center. All other rooms have a standard 2 speaker config.

I would like a speaker that can both feed the living room 7.2 setup as well as the whole home 2 speaker setup. Network connectivity and integration is a cool thing in my book, but sound quality is the most important factor. The room the 7.2 system is in is 19'6" x 16'8" in size. You can see it on the home layout located at


The room in question is labeled as the "Great Room"

The speakers in the Great Room are Klipsch 3650-cdt and all other rooms have Klipsch 2650s. These were installed and included with the home by the builder. The whole home audio is driven by a Lyriq Audio System.

I would like to spend no more than $1200, but am willing to go higher if it will result in a significant improvement. Additionally, I see that on places like Amazon, I can pick some of these up for a nice discount if I get a warehouse deal.

Please let me know if there any questions or clarifications I can provide, any assistance or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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