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Taw and AVS came to an agreement on the following!

Things were calm for a while but for some reason things heated up again yesterday.

Taw and AVS members cant seam to leave each other alone for very long.

The purpose of this forum is to provide useful information from both manufacture and end users in a mature and intelligent fashion without offending anyone for their personal beliefs.

To keep the peace we will try a different approach. If this does not work we will take further actions.

Lets work together to keep this a fun and exciting forum.

Take notice:

The following has been the cause and start of such bashings and will no longer be tolerated. Any post containing the following will give the moderator cause to pull the entire thread, not just the post. This applies to everyone including AVS forum members as well as all Manufactures.


1. Any post containing my product is better than yours.

2. Any offending comments made by one party to another

Regarding his personal opinion.

3. Any Taw bashing.

4. Any AVS bashing.

We need your help!

The forum is very large and it’s becoming impossible to read every post.

We depend on the moderators help for this but still things get past us.

If anyone feels someone has broken the rules please contact us so we can

Take the appropriate action.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation on this.


Alan Gouger

Thanks for supporting AV Science.
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Not open for further replies.