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Currently I'm using a Samsung 2333HD monitor as my bedroom TV. At 16:9, 23", with 1080p and HDMI, it's a very useable set. The picture is pretty great, nearly rivaling that of the 46B750 in our livingroom (mostly due I'm sure, to the much shorter viewing distance and smaller screen).

While a bit bulky, the only major problem with the 2333HD is the highly limited viewing angle. It sits up on a high dresser, and we watch in bed, about 2.5 feet below the screen. The viewing angle is so poor that the top 1/3 of the screen goes almost negative from our vantage point if the screen is perpendicular to the floor. To alleviate this, I've rigged the TV to an articulating desktop monitor base via the VESA mounting holes and angled it (considerably) downward. It works fine, but A.) it looks really dumb, and B.) it's not 100% stable. A moderate push on the back of the set *could* send it crashing to the floor.

Ever since getting the 2333, I've been keeping an eye out for a replacement.

For whatever reason, it seems every set on the market below 26" has an awful vertical viewing angle range. Every TV/monitor combo I've seen too. I have a sneaking suspicion all these companies use the same panels for monitors and TVs at the sub 26" size. At 26" and up however, the game changes and the viewing angles open right up, at least on the bigger name models I've seen.

So it was with great interest that I checked out the new $550 (ouch) Samsung UN26C4000 at BB today. I've been waiting for some time for LEDs to come down to bedroom TV size.

The first thing I did was sit on the floor and look up at the TV. The picture still looked great from the low angle, as did many of the other 26" models on the floor. No negative blacks on the top 1/3 of the screen.

The LED backlight means a less obtrusive presence on the dresser in our tiny NYC bedroom. The thin bezel means the set is only a bit wider than the 2333HD.

It seemed I had found my new TV, until I checked the specs. It's 720p. Now, we don't watch BD in the bedroom (yet), but we DO watch 1080p content via WDTV quite regularly. As mentioned, the 2333HD screen has been fantastic (aside from the angle issue), and even my fiancee agrees it often looks better than our 46B750. It will be a tough sell to the Mrs. to come home with a new 26" TV that is lower res than the one it's replacing.

The question becomes, at a viewing distance of 5', will the resolution difference be a deal killer? The UN26C4000 is otherwise just right. I know contrast is also key to picture quality, but I find Samsung's contrast ratio ratings to be rather useless.

If I get this set, would I be the first person to downgrade from 1080p to 720?
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