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And I've been playing with the 120hz Auto Motion Plus settings, and I'm on the fence on if I like it.

I've found a custom setting of 3 Blur Reduction and 3 Judder Reduction produces the best overall balance. I think our eyes are just so used to the blurring and juddering, that when we see smoothed images, it looks odd. And that is definitely the case when I maxed out both Blur and Judder Reduction to 10.

Anything higher than 3 becomes distracting. However, I watched live football and the AMS didn't seem to have an affect on it at all.

Right now, I'm watching ABC Family HD's airing of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." I'm watching it with maxed settings, just to see how the CGI/spells look. So far, so good, honestly. While the smoothness is odd, on the other hand it seems... proper?

See, when I first experienced the AMP settings, it reminded me of the visual look of BBC documentaries and television shows. And since all the characters in "Potter" are Brits, it's kind of funny to be watching the movie with the AMP maxed out. And, honestly, it also makes the still images look more clear and crisp. More detailed.

I've found the AMP on anything higher than 3 makes television shows look odd. Maybe not so much "bad," but just different.

Sometime before the weekend is out, I'll try watching "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children" on upconverted DVD with maxed AMS, to see how it is.

Oh, and the UN46B6000VF is pretty rad. A nice upgrade over a Samsung LCD my parents got themselves a couple years ago. My dad is happy.

I've always been a plasma guy, but this LED is quite nice. Don't know if it beats a comparable spec'd plasma, but I don't have any side-by-side for that.

Cheers! And let me know what you think of the AMP feature, or a comparable feature on your set.
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