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I recently finished my 130" Silverfire screen and completely love it. Thanks everyone for the help with it.

I have a friend that just bought a new house and has a room he'd like to dedicate to a theater. It will have complete light control and figured before we started we'd get opinions on what the best options are.

The current room has 12 feet from screen to back wall, we're looking to go as big as possible on the screen. There is a budget of 2,000 on the projector.

I'm thinking of suggesting Silverfire, in what i believe a 1.0 mix would be great with having full light control. What are thoughts on this. We will also be painting walls and ceilings. Have not done this in the past on any of my screens, what would be a good color for this, best for performance while still providing something aesthetically appealing. On a projector, being completely light controlled, what would be a good lumen output for this? Any suggestions on a projector under 2000 for best quality?

All help is greatly appreciated.


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The SF at 1 or even NC sounds like a good match for the dedicated room.
The Panasonic ae8000 is the best-looking image you'll find under $2000 (around $1600) while the next-best under $2000 will have about half the contrast of that ae8000. The next-best option would probably be the w1070 (around $650-700) or its short-throw version, the w1080 (around $800)..either of which would allow a larger image but less deep blacks compared to the ae8000. The Sony hw40 gives a fantastic picture with even a bit higher contrast than the Panasonic, but it is generally priced around $2000 and the Panasonic is on clearance for quite a lot less and still gives a really great picture.
For a dedicated dark-colored room, I'd urge you toward the Panasonic, it's a real bargain right now.

Most dark flat shades work well for walls while the ceiling can be a tiny bit lighter shade or simply a shade that's closer to neutral (more muted/grey-ish) for aesthetics ...still, the darker the better. Trim with any shape to it is typically painted using a higher gloss in order to bring out its look of shape and dimension (its the same to a lesser degree with purposely textured walls).
If you really want to go all-out..some floor-to-ceiling hanging black curtains can be tied back for an elegant look near the room's corners and then released for even less room reflections during showtime.
Trying to fit a giant screen, you might also want to attach a length of velvet along the width of the ceiling directly over the screen IF ceiling reflection is a problem..it very well might not be an issue at all though.

For most projectors you'll be limited to a screen-size (diagonal 16:9) of around 100"-105". The w1070/1075 allows up to ~120" and the w1080/1085 could fill the wall.
Usually having the seating against the back wall is a bad idea for audio..so expect to have the seats a few feet forward from the back wall. That will also put eye-to-screen distance closer to 8-10ft where a 100"-105" screen should look perfect.
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