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New setup <$800 budget.

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This will go in a pretty large room(400-500 square ft) so I need a lot of power, I am new at this so please recomend changing anything


panny sa-xr57k-


Pioneer 770W 7.1-Ch. A/V Home Theater Receiver

Model: VSX-816K


insignias center, front/rear left/right, 3pairs, 5.1, will have a spare, lol-


do I need one?, I was thinking of something like a STF-1/2

Please post any thoughts, recomendations, anything at all

What do you guys think about this setup?
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bump, 60 people viewed this thread, and nobody helped, why?

Did I pick good stuff out for that budget, what reciever should I get? what sub?
I'd recommend that $800 is better spent on a 2 channel set up to start from, then build up as more jar money becomes available. To start, at your budget, I'd put 300-500 dollars into speakers, 200-400 dollars in a receiver and 100-200 in a player. This would get you into a decent set up that's probably higher end than any of your friends have, if keeping up with the Jones' means anything to you.


B&M: Infinity, Paradigm, Energy, Athena Technologies, Definitive Technologies

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Denon, Onkyo, Marantz, Cambridge Audio, Kenwood, Pioneer, Harman Kardon, NAD


e Bay?, Audiogon, hi-fi and mega electronics stores

There are plenty of grey market online shops as well, but they're largely unauthorized dearlers, meaning no manufacturer's warranty.
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Thanks for the reply, but I wanted to buy an htbi at first, but then I thought I might es well get everything seperately, so I can have what I want, and I can uprgade easier.

I heard the insignia speakers from bestbuy are extremely good for the money, so I think it should be fine to run five of them, and should beat most htbi's in the same cost.

I know ebay is cheap, but I just hate it, I bought two things there, and both were DOA. And I also want warranty.

I kind of more wanted a specific product, than listing the brands, I am pretty sure I am going to go with the insignias, I like the panasonic SA-XR57K reciever but I am not sure how good it is.(might get a onkyo, pioneer, or a yamaha)

And for the sub, I dont know how much power I need, but from what I reserched, the stf-2/stf-1 is the best for the price, but recomend any others, I will read about them, and compare, I enjoy reading long reviews if you can find any.
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All I have to add is DO NOT buy cables from the guys who sell you the AVR or speakers. Horrible markups. Its ebay for that all the way. And oh yeah I love my pioneer AVR...
I will buy the cables at home depot, radioshack, or online. Where can I find a large picture of the rear part of the SA-XR57, I want to see all the conectors.

Edit: Do you mean speaker wire? If you mean cables as in RGB, or analog sound/optical, I have tons of those from our cable company, they give out free cables, and pretty good ones too.
I am probaly going to buy the wire here: (do I need 500 ft?)

And the reciever, if I chose this one here:

Here are the insignias:

You can check out the connections in the manual.pdf.
I know, but there is never a full image, because most of it is grayed out, I was more looking for an actuall pic.
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I ordered the same receiver XR-57 online from CC with at 10% coupon. Will cost me $305.99 + tax but I feel better knowing I can take it back to a reputable store rather than have to ship back if there is a problem.

I too grabbed Insigina's but only 2 pair. I'll probably get a dedicated center channel soon as I find a good one on sale. I have an old sub. (starting w/ 5.1) I'm wondering if I should just get another pair and use one as a center and go 6.1?

As far as wire I've read some threads and most people suggest 12g (thicker than the 16 you listed) only 24.95 on monoprice for 100ft.
A friend of mine went with the recommended setup from Audioholics: http://www.audioholics.com/showcase/...evelsystem.php

VSX-816K + Athena Micra 6

Without a doubt it is the best setup in this price range.
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