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So i'm a college student, i say that to justify my budget. I am a huge audio/video person. I'm no guru, but i have a pretty solid understanding of at least the basics.

I am setting up a new home theater setup for my new apartment. I already own the computer, the outdated HDDVD, and i own a PS3. I am buying this tv:

SAMSUNG 40" 1080p LCD HDTV - LNT4061F from newegg

(unless someone can recommend something better for less of course ha ha)

I am also getting the new Logitech Dinovo Mini for my keyboard/mouse/remote setup.

However, The last component i need is audio.

Being that I am already spending $1250, i need to keep this around $400. From what I have researched I need at least HDMI, and LCPM audio on the receiver setup, because the ps3 can do the rest. I have found several sony models:

HT-SS2000 and the HT-SS2300.

What is the difference? they are both 1000w, HDMI 1.3, $400... is it just aesthetics?

also, is it worth it to get:

Sony HT 7200DH at $500? what do i gain/lose?

Thanks for your help

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