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Hi, I'm a new member of AVS Forum.


I currently live in Japan (please take that into consideration  
  ) and I'm gonna set up a new audio system for gaming, watching movie and listening to music.


So here's my shopping list (I already have the "Sound Blaster Z" sound card :  http://www.soundblaster.com/products/sound-blaster-z.aspx   as a present from my brother):


   - Speakers: TEAC S-300NEO :  http://www.teac.com/product/s-300neo/


   - Amplifier (+DAC): TEAC A-H01 :  http://www.teac.com/product/a-h01/


   - Sub-woofer:  Yamaha YST-FSW150 :  http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/speaker-systems/subwoofers/yst-fsw150_black__u/?mode=model


My questions are:


1/ Although the A-H01 is advertised along with S-300NEO (you can see that from the link above), its maximum output level for 6 Ohm Speaker is only 40W whereas S-300NEO is rated as 50W input. Would there be any problems if I under-power the S-300NEO like that?


2/ Does it worth the extra money to buy an external DAC or should I just use the DAC that comes with the amplifier?


3/ Is it better to use the optical output from my Sound Blaster Z or to use the USB cable to connect the computer and the amplifier?


4/ Do you guys have any other recommendations for the same price range? The above setup (without the sound card) is worth about $680 in Japan.


Btw, I'm living in a rural area, so it's really difficult to find a shop and listen to the speakers in person. I can only read the reviews to get ideas of how good the speakers are.


I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions. Thank you.


P/s: I'm a Vietnamese who is studying in Japan, so my Japanese nor my English is very good. Tell me if you don't understand something. 

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IM an amateur myself but here's my opinion

1: You will be ok. Better under powered than over.

2: If the amp has it then use it.

3: I would use optical cable.

4: I don't have any on top of my head .

Good luck on your decisions and i hope you enjoy wjatever you decide to get.
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