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I just pulled the trigger for the 50es :)

I will be using a humble Epson Duet for now 42.5" x 79.5"

I believe the bottom of the Duet Screen is approx. 36" from the ground.

I will be using a shelf and it is fixed at 52.69" from the ground.

Is the projector central calculator correct? It is giving me a 12.1' from screen to projector with the 79" diag screen at 1.0 Zoom.

I'm only sitting about 9-10 feet away from the screen so the projector will have to be 1-2 feet right behind me? I was hoping to move it back further 15-16 feet. At distance of 16 feet, the screen jumps up in the +100" range.

Is there any link to some new owner, quick setup/setup tips/guides for the 50es?

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