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New Setup

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I just bought a house and get to finally set up my system correctly. So I want to run it by you guys and get some suggestions.


Direct TV with TIVO

32" Sony TV, with s-video, no component. (This is going to be replaced with a bigger better soon.)

Pioneer VSX-912k (on order be here soon)

Panasonic 5-disc progressive scan DVD

I am going to do 7.1, my room is 20x12.

2 Polk R30's

4 Polk RT15i's

1 CSi30

Aiwa sub (to be replaced)

So, I am doing this myself, with help from friends. I need suggestion on places online to get speaker cable, wall outlets, and other cables. I am not opposed to making my own AV cable if necessary.

Also, I want to do a 2 sub setup, one in opposing corners of the room, can I do this without an amp?

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This is probably the best place online to get cables, speaker wire, outlets, etc.

As for your sub question, it will depend on whether the subwoofers are powered or not. A powered subwoofer is basically just a sub an amplifier in the same box, so it just takes a line level input, and you are good to go. If you get passive subwoofers, they will need an external amplifier.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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