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New Sharp LC-26D40U NTSC Issues

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Anyone had a chance to play with the new D40 line of LCDs?

I'm maybe somewhat unusual in that I care about NTSC Ant input seeing as I modulate several components for whole house distribution.

The issue I'm seeing is that on the NTSC Ant input I'm getting an objectionable level of artifacting (mostly blurring when there's motion, i.e. moving object leaves long shadow / streak across screen). This is not present when tuned to ATSC channels or viewing component sources.

I feed an LC37G4U and LC20B6U (+ assorted CRTs) from the same distribution network and they do not have this issue.

I also took the unit into the shop and picked up a new one at its got the same problem, so it seems there's something wrong with this model. Given that ATSC and DVD looks OK, I suspect there's something funky with the NTSC baseband processing (maybe de-interlacing).

So I either take this in for repair hoping there's a firmware upgrade that is available (the service center or Sharp won't tell me if there really is one), or swap the model completely. Curious if anyone has seen the same and had any luck with fixes.


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