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Hello folks,

I am new to this forum. I just had a few questions. I recently bought the 52 inch lcd 120hz sony tv and sony dav-hdx589w home theatre system....

I just wanted to know if any of you have any picture settings that you can recommend for a nice natural look but with nice clear picture but not too much backlighting like the vivid setting. I like feel like the standard and vivid setting are not the best and would like to optimize my picture so that when I watch tv (cablevision hd box) and watch dvds on the home theater, that I get the best possible picture....any recommendation with your settings for both the tv and home theater sound/picture is recommended (backlight, hue, sharpness, sound levels on home theater, etc)....I currently have an hdmi cable going from the cable box to the tv and a white/red cable from the home theater to audio out on the tv for the tv sounds through the home theater speakers. I have the home theater dvd player hooked up with an hdmi cable to the tv as well. Thanks .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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