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New Sony SD-187 Tubes

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Hello everyone.

I have 6 brand new in the box SD-187 CRT's. 2 sets R,G,B.

What model projectors do these fit? I know they go into 10 series sony's, and some Barco's.... not sure WHAT Barcos...

Thinking of buying a Barco to retube :) May even sell the other set...

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I have a 1031Q that uses them. How much :)

I would like to have a spare set to keep this beast going as long as I can.
I'm not sure this is the place to sell those tubes..... but I'd ask $350 each, and probably only as a set. If this is improper post here, my apologies in advance. I had not actually decided to put this in classifieds, as I wanted to find out what other units they fit besides sony.

They go into Electrohome ECPs as well.

Any Electrohomes? What models? What about Barco's? I am secretly thinking of getting a barco from curt, minus clean tubes..... you know the rest.

I've recall reading (on this forum perhaps) that Sony SD-208 CRTs are drop in replacements for SD-187, but with a much "heavier" phosophor, so they have a much longer life. Does anybody know this to be true?


If I correctly recall, the SD208 are driven with some 40 KV anode voltage, the phosporous layer is incredibly thick... and their timelife is very long, too.


SD187's in Barco 600, 650, and 400 for sure. Also Electrohome ECP 2000,3000,4000. Probably lots of other pj's as well, real workhorse tubes.
Are SD187's replacements for SD130's in the 1030Q1's ??
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