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I am buying a new House this fall and I need some receiver advice. Always loved AVS forum.

One of the rooms in the new house will be dedicated to a music listening room. The dimensions are approximately 15l x 14w x 10’h. I have not yet chosen speakers, but I will have a subwoofer, and height/Surround speakers as well. There will be a wired ethernet drop. The budget right now is about $5000-10,000, although there is really not a budget.

My previous receiver was an Onkyo, and I really appreciated the Audyssey music equalization experience. I anticipate I will have another set of room correction software installed on whatever receiver I get.

I will be doing two primary things in this room:

– I will be listing to music, with two stereo speakers and a subwoofer. The primary sources will be MQA music via Tidal, and iTunes music via airplay 2. I have a pre-box 2 MQA decoder. I am not 100% sure but I think the Roon Music player will be a part of this equation. I would like the receiver †o be able to act as a Roon compatible MQA and airplay2 compatible endpoint.

– I will be watching some video, like YouTube, netflix, YouTube plus, PlayStation Vue, and cable TV. This will not be the primary movie watching room. Occasional, casual use only. However I would still prefer decent sound. My music playing software may even want to display something on the TV. I also may sometimes want to go crazy and listen to music over the entire sound system, including the height and rear speakers. Occasionally.

I like it loud. But not to the point of deafening.

My first question is, can you listen to high-quality sound over an AV receiver, in audio mode or otherwise? I mean, I know it is possible… But I am stepping up my game here and I really enjoy High quality music. The primary function of this room is to listen to music. Do today's AVR's provide good quality listening? Or do I need some sort of amp/preamp scenario, or even two totally separate systems?

I would prefer to bypass all coloration provided by the receiver when in stereo sound mode. Not quite sure how compatible this is with room correction. In the past I have seen a pure audio mode, and I am sure a totally separate system would accomplish this as well.

At this point I am kind of lost and would appreciate the guidance of you guys. Thank you.

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you could an AVR. you requirement to use height and surround speakers pretty much dictates that.

It (AVR) will have an all channel stereo mode. it will have a "pure direct" mode to bypass any processing... many of the AVRs will be network capable. They will have native Tidal support, if you choose to use that function.

For room correction, Denon/Marantz have audessey. NAD/Arcam have Dirac ( many would say this is the best retail room correction software) Onkyo no longer support audessey.

good luck, happy researching...
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