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new speakers and amp for Odyssey

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I have a 2002 Odyssey.

I have the Alpine 7894 head unit (27watts RMS/60 peak x 4 channels)

I was looking at Infinity Kappa 63.7I ($95/pair) front and rear.

I would need an amp--The AudioBahn A6004V 4 channel ($145) was recommended to me.

Someone also suggested a Bazooka BTA8200 sub ($175) to go under a middle seat--I have my doubts about the quality of this one. I listen to jazz and rock, but I'm not into boom boom.

I am sure this would sound significantly better than what I currently have

The questions:

1. How good (considering the price) are the components?

2. Does the sub really matter in this set-up? The main speakers go down to 45 hz.

Any other advice would be appreciated--other options, etc.
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I would not get that woofer and amp

Check out Stereo Integrity and Sundown Audio amps They both have web sites.

The SI sub is the "best sounding loud woofer out there" and the go great with the Sundown amps.
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