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Samples are not available yet. Screen is not released yet.

Website doesn't have too much info on it yet - I could swear it showed .7 gain a few days ago but today it says nothing?

Has anyone seen and/or tested this screen yet?

Thoughts/impressions vs. Seymour XD/UF vs. Dreamscreen V6/V7 vs. SI Maestro vs. Screen Excellence Neo?

I'm looking for the best AT weave screen for a Sony 715ES I just ordered. 133" 2.40:1 Fixed frame.

Speakers are TBD, but likely will be high-end-ish and likely have a short-ish distance from baffle to screen - in the 2-3" range, thus weave vs. perf.

Thanks, -mark

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That's weird. I just checked the website and the gain chart is there if you scroll down the page. Who knows, maybe it was temporary hidden when and if the IT guys were working on the site???
BTW, there were Harmony G2 screens in production which I observed just this last Friday. That said, many of the first production screens goes to some of our dealers for their demo rooms. Also, in addition, the Harmony G2 uses snap fasteners to attach to frame which makes for ease of installation.

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