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Let me preface this by saying I don’t know a lot about subwoofers, and I always seem to make poor decisions when purchasing.

I’m looking to finally put in a sub in my home theatre setup. I want something powerful enough that I can “feelâ€, but won’t overshadow the regular speakers. I know the amp in the receiver I have driving the Paradigms is probably underpowered, but it suits me just fine. I’m not necessarily looking for the biggest or “boomiest†sub, I just want something that will complement the rest of the system while still putting out a noticeable low end which can be felt.

What I’m not looking for is something like the Klipsch subwoofer I have on the other system, which doesn’t play well with the floor standing speakers. I have to manually readjust the volume on the sub to mesh well with the rest of the system at different volumes. (I’m actually deeply disappointed with the Klipsch sub, and hindsight being what it is, I would have gone with something else if I was building that system over again)

The room I’m putting it in is approximately 14’ x 19’, in a house with wooden floors. Size is not an issue, though I’d like it if box was covered with a darker wood. I’d like to stay under $1,200 (much lower, if possible)

System Specs:

Home Theatre

Receiver: Yamaha RX-V800

Front (2) Paradign Reference Studio 80

Rear (2) Paradigm Reference Studio 20

Center (1) Paradigm Reference Studio CC-470

DVD: Panasonic DVD-F85

Satellite: RCA DVR40

Display: BenQ 46-W1

Bedroom/Music system

Receiver: Yahama RXV-592

Front: (2) Klipsch KSF 10.5

Subwoofer: (1) Klipsch KSW 100

DVD: Phillips DVD 711

Satellite: Samsung SIR-TS360

CD: Denon DCD 425

Display: Phillips 30PW850H

Remote: Radio Shack 15-2133 Kameleon


Head Unit: Kenwood Excelon HDC-X679

Front: (2) MB Quart Premium PCE 213

Rear: (2) MB Quart Discus DKE 169

Subwoofer: (2) JL 10W0

Cabin Speaker Amp: Kenwood Excelon KAC-X541

Sub Amp: Kenwood Excelon KAC-X621

Satellite: Kenwood KTC-SR902 (Sirius)

My DVD collection

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What's interesting is your comments regarding your current music system. According to the Klipsch web site, the SF10.5 floorstanders have a FR of 36-20K hz +/-3dB, while the KSW-100 sub is 34-120 hz +/-3dB. It doesn't surprise me you aren't happy. If you have your mains set to "small" on your receiver, then you are wasting the floorstanders low-end. If you have the mains set to "large" your sub is probably not really contributing much to the low-end extension, and when you turn up the sub (thinking that will get you more bass), it is probably really just providing too much output in the upper bass range and screwing with your mains. The sub in your system just can't get low enough to give you the "feel" you want.

Your Paradigms are also large floorstanders (I think) with signifcant low-end output. You are going to have the same problem if you buy the wrong sub - you need something that will go low to supplement your mains, and you will probably want to set a fairly low crossover on your receiver.

I think you should be looking for the same thing everyone else wants - a sub that gives you excellent low-end extension, and good output in your room for the budget you have available. No surprises - look to the familiar names - SVS, Velo, Hsu, etc. I would be looking for a 20 hz or lower tune - maybe an SVS 20-39 plus or something similar.

Get yourself an SPL meter and a test disk and setup the system correctly.
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