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A little background. After purchasing the Ultra Center from SVS to replace my Klipsch Synergy C-20 I immediately heard a dramatic change in sound quality, as I expected. It was as if the C-20 was drowning out my towers. The clarity is unbelievable, and I would definitely recommend the Ultra Center for those looking to upgrade. Being so pleased with the quality and performance of SVS I decided to purchase something that they are really known for, subwoofers!!


In my opinion there was no other company to compare to SVS especially at their price points. After months of analyzing, reading reviews, and contemplating which model to get I finally went with the Dual PB-2000 to replace my Klipsch Sub-10. No comments as of yet due. I just purchased them the other day and should be here on Tuesday. My reasoning on dual is that I have half of an A-frame for the living room (20x15) and wanted to eliminate any possible dead zones. The HT is located on the left side of the A-frame causing Audyssey to go haywire. 


Which now leads me to a few questions I have about how to set up the subs mainly for movie listening. Obviously I will run Audyssey to calibrate, but that only goes so far. I usually find my self tweaking the setting anyways. I currently have the center and towers pushing 60hz, surrounds at 80hz, and sub at 60hz. I would also preface that I'm 80% movies and 20% music. 


-I've never toyed with a dual set up and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on the settings and placement given my room dimensions and HT set up?

-How would I go about tuning them using the DSP control to get a more accurate response?

-Has anyone purchased the same set of subs and could give any insight on performance (single or dual)?

-Are there any recommendations of movies to test the depth of the subs (currently have Incredible Hulk and LOTR Trilogy)?


Home Theater set up including new Subs:


Towers:       Energy RC-70

Center:       SVS Ultra Center

Surrounds:  Klipsch Synergy S-20 (until I can replace w/ SVS Ultra Surrounds)

Subs:         SVS Dual PB-2000

AVR:          Onkyo TX-NR809 THX Certified 7.2-Channel

Amp:          Emotiva XPA-5

Power:        Monster GreenPower HDP 1850G

PC:            HTPC (Core i7, EVGA GTX780, ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO, LG Bluray using PowerDVD 13)

TV:             LG Infinia 55LW5600


Once the subs get here I will definitely share my experiences and have a lot more to go on. Any feedback from the forum would be greatly appreciated! I'm no sound engineer by any means, but I'm learning as I build out my HT and do not mind if someone posts a very technical response. The more detail the better. I also plan on picking the brains of the guys at SVS. So far their customer service and expertise is outstanding and extremely helpful, but I felt like giving them a break and asking the forum for any advise. Thank you in advance!!
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