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Hey guys

Well as you may have guessed from my title I am looking at starting a new HT system with a $2,500 budget. I am currently looking at a pair of Paradigm monitor 11's and possibly a NAD reciever. I would primarily be using the system for music and would actually just be starting out with a 2.1 system, possibly eventually buildinging into a surround (5.1 or 7.1) . I am open to any suggestions...

From what I have read the NAD recievers are great for music, but may lack in other areas. For example no HDMI compatibility? What are your thoughts on this? I may even be waiting to purchase the sub for awile so for the time being I am focusing on the towers and reciever.

I am not sold on the items I mentioned earlier, it is just the way I am leaning. I hope to hear back from a few of you? I would really appreciate your opinions. What would you do if you were me.


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