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Looking for advice, I've been spending sleepless nights trying to figure out what i want, and when i think i've decided i read write ups on something else and second guess myself again

I've got about 3k to spend on speakers (excluding sub) and here's what i've narrowed it down to. Again, I'm REALLY new at this

Room - 20x20 with 11ft ceilings (flat not vaulted)

Receiver - Just bought a Pioneer SC-37

Today my listening is 70% TV/Movies, 15% gaming, 15% Music. I see the 15% music growing A LOT more as what's got me on this road to replacing my current setup is hearing my buddy's system

I also want to be able to hear my TV without having to crank up the system every time

I've heard all these following speakers in store setups and they all sound good, which makes it that much harder to pick

So here we go, here are my potential choices, I'm going for 5.1 to start with with the option to easily add a couple more for 7.1

Setup 1-

PSB Image T5 Tower Fronts

PSB Image B5 Bookshelf for Rears

PSB Image S5 for center

Setup 2 -

Martin Logan Source Xstat Tower Fronts (or Motion 12's,,,I can pick up the electrostatic ones at half price right now)

Martin Logan Motion 4 for Rears

Martinc Logan Motion 8 for center

Setup 3

Klipsch RF 62 Tower Fronts

Klipsch RB61 for Rears

Klipsch RC62 for center

As for a subwoofer a buddy of mine is selling his AV123 MFW-15 which i was thinking of adding to the setup


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all are nice speakers, the Klipsch are the easiest to drive, but your SC-37 should handle any of them. None of us can really say which is better for you, it's the system that sounds best to you that counts. Any chance the dealer will let you audition the speakers in your home ? Whatever you hear in a showroom will sound different in your home.

There is not a "wrong" choice, but only you can make it
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