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New system for 32,000 sq ft building!

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Hi all,

I work for a company that is building a new office that will be 32,000 sq ft, have 66 offices, 5 conference rooms and a lounge area.

I am looking for some really cool ideas to make the audio / video in this place absolutely STELLAR. Money is not an issue, so have some fun with your recommendations if you choose to take part in this

Let me also say that I am fairly new to the audio / video stuff. But I have worked professionally with computers for almost 20 years, so feel free to talk geek.

Here is what we are looking for:

We want all TV to be controlled by a central server(s) with necessary TV cards and stream to all TVs and projectors in the building via a fiber network.

The TVs also need to basically be computers. We have a strictly PC environment so all clients would need to run Windows. The TVs would need to independently display any channel we subscribe to (Time Warner Cable) as well as display any type of document (Spreadsheets, powerpoints, etc) and surf the web. There would be approximately 10 TVs and 6 projectors throughout the building.

All clients need to be PCs, but I am not at all opposed to Linux based servers if there are benefits to it.

I know about Media Center and Media Portal. I am leaning towards Media Portal because of the TV server option, which I dont believe Media Center is capable of. Correct me if I am wrong. The only thing I DONT like about Media Portal is it's inability to display documents. Or is there a plugin for that I dont know about?

Basically, I am looking for ONE program to accomplish all we need. I dont want to have to bounce back and forth between programs. I want one program to launch when the computer boots and everything we need to display can be displayed within that program. Is that possible? Is Windows 8 what I need?

Many, many thansk in advance!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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