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New system (in progress)

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The house (and the new theater) isn't completed yet, so not all the equipment is in hand yet (though most is). This is what it'll look like:

Theta Casablanca II pre-pro

Classe' CAV-150, strapped to 3 channels, for LCR

Sunfire Cinema Grand, for surrounds

Bryston 4B-ST, for subs

3 Soundline SL-2, for LCR

4 Soundline SL-8, for side and rear surrounds

2 BagEnd D12E subs (2 12" woofers each)

Bag End ELF-1 controller

Toshiba SD9200 DVD

Pioneer 605D Laserdisc

Dish 6000 HDTV receiver


FE CS-1 scaler

JVC G1000U D-ILA projector

VuTech GreyDove microperf screen, 16:9 88" diagonal

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