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Hey guys!

I finally received my Onkyo TX-SR707 and i just got done setting it up.

My current components
Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR707

Front R/L: Jamo C603 Bookshelves

Center: Jamo C60CEN

Surround: Stock onkyo HTiB FRONT speakers (now will be my surround speakers)

Hsu STF-2

Speakers are hookedup with 12gauge wires and banana plugs

How everything is currently set up.

PS3 (HDMI), computer (dvi to hdmi, and toslink for audio) in ----> Onkyo 707

Onkyo 707 HDMI out --> LG32" tv

Do you guys have any suggestions on setting this system?

I currently have both surround speakers on the same side because im in a shortage of space in my room (used to be an office)

I tried to make this as close to real as possible as in wall corners and how everything is placed

this is how it looks right now

Sorry for the mess in this one, my current room used to be an office so i dont have any closets or anything

as you can see both surround sound speakers are placed to my right

Im extremely excited to finally get to put these speakers that have been sitting here to use!

thank you!

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Not bad...

Some suggestions...

1. Raise the crossovers to 80 Hz.

2. Find a way to get the left surround over on your left side.

3. Use these under your speakers:

(Angle the speakers up towards your ears.)

4. Flip the speakers over so the tweeters are on top.

5. Have fun!


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Thanks for the suggestions i appreciate it!

I set all of the speakers to 80hz and the subwoofer to 120 and that definitely helped a bit overall.

For the Auralex pads, should i use them for my main speakers? or just for my center? because my center is pointed towards my chest currently and my Left/Right speakers are at ear hight.

Here are a few more pictures of the room i have to my left side and behind me, do you have any suggestions on where i should put the left surround speaker?

As you can see im kind of limited on space, the Left speaker is on the right side of the picture.

As the picture changes, the view shifts to the right of the room

-Current surround speakers

-A little to the right of the surround speakers, this would be the very opposite corner of my room to where i am sitting

the chair is shown tilted to the position of how i would be sitting.

-Lastly, a little further to the right, this is the parallel wall to the surround speakers. You can see my left speaker on the right side of the picture

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One thing I would do is experiment with the sub placement. I used to have a computer audio setup a lot like that, even down to a STF2 just below me to the right. It may actually sound more powerful on the opposite corner of the room. Try corner loading it in different corners of your room to see how it affects the sound. Also, look up the term sub crawling in the subwoofers forum here.

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I really do not have any other positions the sub would fit at other than to the right of my bed in that little diagonal shift from the shelves to my bed. Im not sure if that would be a good place to put it

Anyone have any suggestions on my Left surround placement?

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