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I know I know...another of these "What should I buy?" threads. I already have a HSU VTF-2 sub so I'm looking for a nice system under 1k. After doing some research on this forum, here are the three systems I am considering buying. The problem is that I can't audition any of these systems where I am so I will be buying them as a blind purchase.

Wharfedale Evolution System

Mains: Evo-100

Center: Evo-Center

Surronds: Evo-DFS

+I get a sick discount on these (direct from factory)

+Looks nice in a variety of finishes

+UV treated Kevlar drivers

-Cheap Grilles?

-Has Wharfedale finally rebounded from past few years of suckiness?

-Not as efficient

Paradigm Monitor System

Mains: Minimonitor

Center: CC-370

Surronds: ADP-170

+Excellent rep for many years

+Good build quality

-Plain looks

-Inferior materials used?

Axiom Millenium System

Mains: M3ti

Center: VP100

Surronds: QS4

+EXCELLENT online reviews

+Great looking little speakers

+Top notch customer support

-Bright sounding?

Anyways, I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions!
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