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Looking for a little advice on my audio gear. Any ideas or suggestions on improving my gear would be appreciated.

I am in the drywall phase of a new theater room. It is 20x15 with 7ft ceilings. I am using sound board, and rc channel with insulation filling all wall/floor bays.

Display device: I will likely purchase a BenQ W1070 . My drywaller is EPIC and he promises a super perfect front wall, so I am going to try the image on the wall with screen paint first. If I need to, I will buy a screen.

Speakers: I have a big collection of DCM speakers. DCM Time Window 7's as my main speakers, Surroundscape Center and TFV'10.0's as my rears/ Sides. Was thinking of doing an atmos setup with Flush mount ceiling speakers (pre-wired) . I have some black Mirage Nanosats that I want to try on the ceiling for height speakers.

Subs: Thiel SS1 , Monitor Audio FB-210

Amp/Preamp: B&K REF 50s2 for a pre, and a b&k AV5000S2 Plus a rotel rb-981.

BD Player: Ps3, PS4, Sony BDP-S550 with 7 channel analog out.

I am looking for a couple of new things:

Either a oppo BD player as a source, going to the REF 50 though analog..

Picking up a new Pre/Pro like an emotiva UMC-200 OR

Getting a Receiver like a Pioneer Elite SC-75 (non Atmos) or Marantz SR7009 (atmos)

I would use the amps in the receivers for the height, and my existing amps for the main 7 speakers.

I really like the idea of the receiver, especially for controlling things though an app, and extra zones ( I pre-wired additional zones for TV and Audio in my basement. I do worry though about the Sound quality.

Lastly a sub. My 2 existing subs are really music subs rather than HT. SO I am thinking about getting a sub like the SVS PB13 ultra or HSU VTF15H MK2..

Or Dual Outlaw Ultra x12 subs.

Looking or economical SUB sonic bass.

Any suggestions on these ideas? Good, bad or different?

Thanks in advance.
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