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New Theater Design Help

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I am in the process of building a new house and would like some help on dimensions for the theater room. Our plans are to have a screen size of 100 to120 inches...there will be two rows of 4 seats...and we plan on having a pool table at the back. The maximum width the room can be is 22 ft. and the length can be 32ft....I have read through several of the threads left on this forum and I haven't found what I was looking for
....I have an architect currently drawing the house plans and I need to give him some more definite dimensions.... Thanks for all your help...I would appreciated any advice you can share....
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Not having any other info (locations of doors or windows, acoustical treatment and soundproofing preferences, etc),

a 32' by 22' room is a big space to tackle. If all your wanting is to seat 8 people and you want to dedicate your room to just home theater, then I would divide the space into two rooms. Use the width (22' as the length of the theater and make it about 14-16 feet wide, and then use the remaining 22'x16' space for a pool table. However, if you want a large screen in a room that serves more than one purpose, and are willing to sacrafice certain audio aspects, there are several excellent threads posted. (Not to say you can't get decent audio, but it becomes a bigger challenge). Have you looked at the "Show me" threads at the top of the forum? If you look at the "screen walls", "before and after", or "completed home theater" threads you'll find some large theater rooms and many of those have links to their individual build thread.

Good luck!
If you want a nice comfortable space, I'd keep a good bit of width especially. Off hand I'd say 26 x 18. Through an AT screen in the front, put 3' behind it. Put speakers hidden in columns, nice wide aisles, live the dream.

What's the ceiling height? Terry Montlick has a basic room mode calculators that can eliminate a few bad combinations based on the finished dimensions.


Originally Posted by hdpartsguy /forum/post/15538416

...there will be two rows of 4 seats...and we plan on having a pool table at the back. ...

Does this mean a multi-purpose room, with the pool table in the room, so to speak, or two distinct rooms?
I would definitely recommend two seperate rooms. To have seating for 8, you'll be using a riser anyways, so you won't really be able to see the screen from the pool table anyways. Take a look at average seating dimensions for a row of 4 theater seats... this will be about 12 feet wide. You need at least 18 inches on either side of the row of seats in order to comfortably pass by, so that's 15 feet of width. Your 22 feet could comfortably be the length of your room, which would leave your pool table/game area at 22 x 17, which would be fine for a full size pool table.
Vote for two rooms, 22 ft is plenty for two rows with room to spare.
Thanks for the replies....I kinda like the idea of this theater I have attached....Since we are just now doing the house plans I will be able to make the room whatever size I need.....I will be making the concrete go down instead of building risers for the seats....I wasn't wanting such a multipurpose room but I was wanting to use it as the media/game room...I guess I wanted it dark but also wanted the pool table dark like a bar room....maybe I am not explaining myself very well....But I have seen some who sorta have the same idea....thanks again for all your help.....
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Well, there's one mistake you can avoid...don't ever use the concrete pour for your risers for seating. Big bad mistake...unless you have a particular fondness for jackhammers.

I'm telling you, it's a pretty picture you've attached... and it may be fine for you... but if you've never had a setup like that and absolutely KNOW you like it, my guess is that you will hate it. A set up like that is fine for the people playing pool and SUCKS for the people trying to watch a movie. All the noise and conversation will effectively limit the room to watching sports or having nobody use the pool table anyways... I would strongly recommend having a theater room and a seperate game room.
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