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I have just completed a new intro based upon the Andrew Kramer pro-scores material and thought I would upload a generic version for anyone who wants.


It is in M2TS format is HD with 5.1 sound.

In the RAR file are, in addition to the main intro, a number of small individual M2TS files. The idea of these was that they could be combined with other material using a utility like TS MuxeR(freeware) http://www.smlabs.net/tsmuxer_en.html to create a longer seamless intro mixing trivia, previews and other material, quite quickly.

From my experience all the material has to be M2TS and the same dimensions (1440*1080). I have used this (in the absence of a PS3 video playlist function) to create specific intros for different showings. At the moment I have always used my own generated material (from Vegas) but if it also works for others then it might be a way to easily distribute generic material which can then be used to create a personalised intro.

Or on the other hand just use the main intro on it's own.

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