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Hello all,

Let me be the first to say that I am a video guy, not much of an audio guy. This is my first dedicated theater room. It may be small, but its all I can do at the moment. We are renting for three to five years while at my current job. Once I move I will buy a place and have the large theater room I have always dreamed I would have.

The room is kind of odd shaped for acoustics. The length of the room is 12.2', while the width of if is 11.1' at the entrance, and then 9.3' once you get to the closets. The ceilings are 9'. The back wall has two windows, and this wall is where my equipment rack is placed. The opposite wall is the viewing area. There is another small closet on that wall as well, but there is 77" open for a screen. You can fit a 82" screen. Two thirds away from the back wall I have my row of seating. Here is a crude layout:

Here is what I currently have in the room. In front of the viewing wall there is a 5x8 shag rug. A row of two home theater chairs with leatherette covering. Behind the seats is the equipment rack. The wall opposite the entrance has three movie posters hanging, and just to the left in the dead space when you enter the room is a wooden bookshelf holding all of my media. My speaker setup is a Energy Classic Take 5 on stands, and my sub is on a subdude.

The room still sounds alive, not terrible but it could be better. I know I need acoustic panels, but have know idea where to place them. My wife likes the look of acoustic panels sold by ATS:


I have to say I like the look of them too. The price seems to be just about what I would like to pay.

Can someone please give me advice on placement and rough idea of how many panels I would need? Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!
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