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Since there were no responses after nearly 90 views I thought I would try a different question....

Assuming you use a streaming service like Pandora or Google Music, how do you use it on your HTPC?

I would love to be able to control it from a tablet-based application rather than using my keyboard (primarily so my wife and daughter can easily access it). Obviously the more integrated into a single experience the better. There are other automation techniques I could use to launch the web pages but controlling them from the tablet is kinda kludgy.

I have a pretty extensive music collection but I still enjoy using things like Pandora and Google Music.

Ideally I'd like first class integration of these kinds of services into *some* front end (been playing with mb3 and JRiver mostly)

I get there is limited amount that can be done without those services providing a true public webservice but I'd be curious to know what folks have done (if anything) to create a nice user experience integrated into their front end. Has anyone messed with things like Greasemonkey to do stuff like this?
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