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New to AVS, HT, need some help with my setup guys??

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Hello guys, first off please excuse me if there's already a thread dedicated to these types of questions, not sure if you guys have a FAQ, small questions thread or not, so excuse me if I am in the wrong place or making a new thread thats not needed. Like I said I am new to AVS and HT and I am attempting to gain some knowledge here. I am planning on moving into my own apartment about a year or so from now, now I know that you guys seem to like to have layouts of apartments and stuff but I'm just going to have to wing it right now as I don't have that information available to me at the current time since I'm not actually in the apartment yet, but still I am trying to buy components already so that I will already have ready for me to setup when I am in my apartment. I've been researching a little myself and looking at reviews, and others setups here and on youtube to just get an idea of what would be a good start for me with HT. I really seem to be leaning more towards Klipsch speakers at the moment, so I was just wondering what you guys think of this as a starting setup based on the information I have provided. My budget will probably be somewhere around the $2k-$3k range, again I will be living in an apartment setting I would say its going to be an average sized apartment not too big but also not too small either if that makes any difference. So heres the setup I was planning on going with.

Klipsch RF-82 or RF 62 mains ( leaning more towards the RF62 since in apartment as I stated and more cost effective )

Klipsch RC-62 center

Klipsch RS- 52, RS-42, or Klipsh RB-51 surrounds

Klipsch SW-112 subwoofer or Klipsch SW-110 ( leaning towards the SW-112 )

Onkyo TX-NR609 receiver

So yeah thats what I'm thinking so far any advise or suggestions you guys can give me is appreciated thanks!!
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