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So, now that I finally joined the 21st century and upgraded one of my tube TVs to LCD, I am looking to add a DVR or two into the mix.

I am looking for a non-subscription DVR with a built-in digital tuner and the ability to transfer content from one DVR to another via USB or other means. You might say I am looking for something like a DVD Recorder but I have had a string of bad luck with those so I would really rather stay away from that. I own a SanDisk TakeTV USB device that I am completely in love with. Alas, SanDisk abandoned the device last month so I am looking for something similar ... and permanent.

In other words, I want to be able to record programs on one DVR and have the option to transfer it to a DVR in another room as well as the option to watch downloaded DIVX AVIs. I know this sounds like an awful lot but I don't know where to start except right here with you knowledgeable folks. All I know is that I need to upgrade from my analog VCR with external digital tuner to something a bit more practical in this age.
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