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Let me apologize for the redundant thread 1st. Spent most of yesterday reading through the forums and thought I did post what I need and my info. After hearing some HTIB setup at my local BB I thought I did give HT a try. Now I was thinking of buying a HTIB but after reading all the threads here and going out to my local BB to check out the setups I thought I did rather build a low-budget setup.

My friend who moved away gave me his old AVR-235 harman/kardon receiver. No idea if that is a good receiver or not. The room is size is about 10' x 10'. Looking for just 5.1 surrond and not 7.1. Budget Max. is $400. So I will probably slowly build up my speakers instead getting everything in one go. After reading through the forums I notice most ppl suggest to get the Polk monitors and the sub-woofer from Newegg if your on a low budget. Mostly for watching movies and gaming on my PS3/Xbox360.

So here's my questions:

1. Would I need a new receiver or is the one that my friend gave me good enough?

2. What size monitors would I need for the front speakers? For the size of my room should I just get the bookself 40s or get the 60s that's now on sale on Newegg?

Edit: Opps, wanted to post this in speakers and didn't notice I was in the HTIB section. Sorry for the double posting~

3. I notice a lot of different suggestion on the sub-woofer then from the $119 Polk ones on Newegg. What other sub-woofer I should consider that would get me more bang for my bucks?

As an example of what I want to feel when I finish this HT is I would like me to go "Wow!!" when I 1st uses it to play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 compare to my built-in 40" Samsung LCD 10-watt speakers.

Again I apologize for the really redundant thread.
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