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New to HTPC please advise

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Hey everyone.

New to the whole HTPC concept but very interested in getting started.

My main uses are:

Video Games - mostly sports


HD cable

SD cable

internet surfing

All of this I plan on hooking up to a Front projector in my basement for a entertainment room.

Is an HTPC generally something you build, or buy?

I assume build, what type of components would be necessary for my needs mentioned above?

Sorry for so many ?s, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Erik, you question has been asked many times. People tend not to aswer the same old question. So my advice is to look throught the forum and use the search. When you have answered some of the more basic questions yourself, you will find the help you need on more direct question. So look around the forum, take your time and have fun.

advice: read

I'm in the same boat, been reading for 4-6 months now, haven't completed my research
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Take a look at the FAQ thread.While some info may be dated it will still give you a good starting point.
Yeah tons of reading for sure. Takes a while but the technical stuff isn't too bad.

Best way to do it IMHO.

Figure out what you want it to do. Then make a list of those things in descending importance. IE most important first.

Then you can begin to do searches and make hardware decisions based off that input. Design the system to do your most important task exceptionally well, then ramp down the others from there.


Most important DVD playback.

Choose software player and hardware to support.

Check next item on list and see if hardware and added software are good enough to do it to your standards.

Keep going down the list.

Then choose a case to put it all in.

Do research on the hardware/software for conflicts.

All is good, order the parts and software.

Build, and configure

Setup, Tinker and enjoy.
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