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new to projectors need help thx

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hi all

if you are able and willing i need some advice please. i am just about to buy a projector ( Infocus IN26 ) i am buying this to replace my plasma tv as they have limited life span and at £1500 to replace its not really a viable option my kids would kill me if it went down at xmas. the problem im havin is that i have alot of ambient light in my house but very little direct onto the screen and the projector itself.

the specs on the projector i want are 1700 lumens contrast 2000.1 and native resolution of xga. my question is how well will these specs handle ambient light as i know the higher the lumens and contrast the better so is anyone able to tell me how this will preform in day use as i am unable to make room dark as i have kids and the dark with kids adds upto alot of hospital visits.

also if this is not really upto the job could u recommend 1 that would do the job better i have about 800 dollars to spend i know this isnt alot but dont want to sell plasma till i know projector will do good enough job

thank you for any help you can give

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Keep as much direct or hard light off of the screen as possible and you should be ok. Shade light if you have to; it's worth it. A light grey or silver screen would help to improve the contrast and blacks in ambient light. It also depends on the material that will be watched. Bright colorful cartoons, for example, will be able to get away with much more ambient light than say, Dark City. If you are table mounting look into a Greywolf II screen.

I'd look into a Sharp XR-10x projector instead. It's well known and liked XGA projector and has a higher brightness rating.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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