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Hey guys,
I've got a few different TV's in an entertainment area at the house that feed to/from a single Yamaha receiver and I recently got rid of my satellite receivers and went with sling TV. Problem i'm having is how can I distribute video from a local TV antenna to multiple TV's and still get the audio back to the receiver. My installer recommended using something like a Tivo at the main tv(which is coupled with a projector) to take the TV signal and output an audio signal back to the receiver. I feel like there is a better/more efficient way to do this but i'm not familiar with all the options out there and would like input from those more experienced/knowledgeable than myself. please let me know if i'm leaving out any info that you may need to help me come up with a solution to this. I appreciate any help you all could give me and look forward to being a member of the forum. Thanks!

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