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New to the scene: The hunt for a media player or HTPC

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Hi there.

As the title says I`m new the whole HT scene. I`m looking for a media player. I looked in several forums but could not find anything that suits me. My existing equipment:

LG 55LW6500


connected to


My future media player should do following things:

- playing mainly mkv and mp4 files with dts, ac3 and aac 5.1 audio (that`s the biggest issue I read so far - the support of aac 5.1)

- attached HDD should not only play the formats mentioned above but also be accessible through my laptop which is connected to the network

- support of srt and sub

- support by manufacturer or community (such as xmbc which I`m not afraid to install)

As I said I have looked at some players. One I really like is the ntv550 but I read several good and bad reviews. My budget would be around 300 dollars but it could be a bit more if necessary. But if I cant find anything then I have to consider to build a HTPC. I just don`t want to hear:"Just get a HTPC." There must be a different solution such as a decent media player

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Maybe you've already got an HTPC.

What outputs does your laptop have?

If it has an HDMI or DisplayPort connector that might be the end of your quest: all you need is a cable.
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My laptop has a HDMI output. But I`m too lazy run back and forth to connect it to the amp.
What about the popbox v8? Whats the difference between this unit and Popcorn Hour A300?

micca ep600 g2 or micca ep950
As I said I`m new.

micca ep600 g2 or micca ep950

What does that mean?

Originally Posted by lokipoki  /t/1414852/new-to-the-scene-the-hunt-for-a-media-player-or-htpc#post_22119490

What about the popbox v8? Whats the difference between this unit and Popcorn Hour A300?

PopBox v8 is fine, just uses a different Sigma chip. No full BD menus, only lite, and built-it jukebox isn't full-fledged as in PCH A-300/C-300. Micca EP600G2 and EP950 (both with Realtek 1186 chip) play frame-packed 3D BD-ISO's, but lack a jukebox. If you want full 3D, there are several Realtek 1186 players available: HiMedia HD900B, Xtreamer Sidewinder 3 or Prodigy, etc. Xtreamer has a jukebox, but there are some issues, and in general their support is poor.

If you don't need frame-packed 3D, your best bet would be either PCH A-300 or Dune Smart (both Sigma chips). An alternative is Mede8er's MED450X2 or 500X2, with Realtek's 1185 chip. Also, solid players, with jukebox.
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