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new to this forum, some advice please on athena ws-100

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Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a while and have been trying to piece together information from threads to find which setup would be best for me. I usually don't like to start new threads but it seems that when asking about sound systems that it's a lot more personal then just "get A, get B"

Regardless, I found a deal on Athena speakers. I can get a pair of WS-100 for $300 and the AS-4100 subwoofer for $150. There are also tthe athena AS-f1.2 for $100 each. I also have to add shipping onto the price but they will still be a pretty good deal compared to what I was searching for. i would post a URL but I can't yet. they are easy to find on the athena website (athenaspeakers.com)

These are roughly off half off retail (and about 25% off what they go for on ebay).

Right now I barely have a system. I have a $150 aiwa stereo that's about 10 years old and $10 computer speakers. I am going into audio production and engineering at Berklee college this semester so I figure I better have something better to listen to my music at home (obviously there are monitors for recording at the school)

I'm using this for 80% music (jazz,rock,classical) but would like to be able to run my TV/xbox360 sound through them just because it would be an upgrade over my TV speakers.

I will be running it in 2.1 for now and may eventually in the future add some speakers for 5.1 sound but it's not a big deal.

I do not have a receiver now either but I've been patient in that I want to get the best bang for my buck and I'm sure I can find a good receiver in the next couple months. I also need to get a CD player but will just use my PC or ipod until then. I want to put as much money as I can into each component.

I dont' really have a budget. I guess I would go up to $500 for speakers but only if they are a great deal and would sound considerably better than speakers that are normally $500. Again, I've been very patient in that I've been looking for a system for a few months now and I don't mind piecing together the best bang for the buck components. But if I keep on waiting I will never actually get to the point of owning a system.

My room size is roughly 10'x15'x9' and i'm in an apartment but I'm probably moving to a little bigger place next year so I'd like something that can handle a little power.

I think I went a little off but I suppose you guys have all the information you will need.

I think my summary question would be should I purchase the speakers I asked about and if not do you have any suggestions (don't mind ebay if there are some speakers which are good but have no resale value)?
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Decent floorstanding speakers for $300/ pr. are rare. The Athenas have a good reputation here in the forum. The Athena sub does have some critics due to the amp failures, but that happens to all manufactures. All the currently popular subwoofers ship bad amps one in a while. One of my new highly regarded subs lasted an hour before the amp went belly up.

The system you have picked out will stand way above you current "system" in sound quality, enjoy.
Athena speakers are very good for the price, and even better for that kind of discount. The WS series makes some compromises for looks, so the F1.2s are better sounding than the WS-100s.
Speaking of Athena sub failures. My as-p4000 just died. Not trusting the Athena subs. Do either of you know if there is a fuse in this sub?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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