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New Toshiba 57H81 57" 16:9 HD

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I just took delivery today! I have a few newbie questions:

1. So far I am pretty pleased but I have noticed that bars (vertical ones in 4:3 mode and horizontal ones in 16:9 mode) seem to "bow." Is there a setting that mere mortals can adjust that will fix the pincushioning?

2. I turned the contrast down from 100 (yipes) to 50. Anything else I should do?

3. The TheatreWide modes don't seem consistent from disc to disc. Some discs will fill the screen without looking fat/thin in "full" mode. Others require running in TW2 mode to eat the bars, etc. Are there any hard rules about the modes and the content? (X by X aspect ratio looks best in TWx, etc?)

4. I'd love to hear any other advice about enjoying my new set.

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I have a Toshiba 57H81.

Just a suggestion about your picture stretching concerns--if you are viewing DVD's be sure that all the settings are correct inside the player. I had settings to change from 4:3 to 16:9, s-video to component, and a couple of others to be able to use the DVD player the way it was intended--in FULL mode. Then of course, you will be reading the extremely small print on each disk to find out what the aspect ratio is.... and see how big your bars will end up being in full mode.

enjoy your new monitor!

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