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new tubes for sony 1271

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I have a 1271 with 2800 hours. The blue tube has noticable 4:3 wear but the r+g are still perfect. I was wondering if I could replace just the blue tube. Is this advisable? How difficult is it to replace tubes in these machines? Does anybody have a tube they are looking to get rid of? I am located in Buffalo, NY.
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I swapped out a 6000 hour tube with a 2000 hour blue on my 1252, but the electronics were already on the tube so the swap literally took 10 minutes. I don't thing it would be really difficult, but it looks like you need to be patient when removing the magnets etc... to get them to the new tube. I thought I saw a site describing the procedure but for the life of me can't remember where, maybe someone else does?

I don't think you'll have any problems working with one newer tube and two slightly older, but double check your green and red, I originally thought mine were clean, but they had a very slight wear, which actually is apparent when I go outside of the wear area (whites have just a tiny tint of red to them compared to outside the wear area). I couldn't see the wear on the tube themselves unless I looked at them while the pj was on projecting the warm up screen. Just something to keep in mind...
Finding a new blue tube could be difficult.

But, If you can find one replacing it should help quite a bit. I retubed my 1271 and none of the tubes have visable wear so far at a little over 1000 hours.


p.s. Oh yeah, I would just replace the blue if I were you.
I agree with Brian, and most likely have a great tube for you.
anybody have a tube with no wear?
Pappy, you have a PM.
I wouldn't be surprized if a blue tube with no wear sold for more than $500.

They were something like $750 new and haven't been available new for quite a while. And a blue tube without visable wear might as well be new.
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