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Howdy folks

Advice needed if possible, as I'm in two minds at the moment.

Currently I have my HTPC/Gaming PC hooked up to my TEC40911LCDHDR - 40 inch LCD Full HD Techwood TV ( SPECS ).

Mind 1

It works great and I can't fault it really. The picture is good for Bluray, and when gaming, I don't notice any input lag on the likes of Hitman Absolution, Battlefield 4, Borderlands 2 and Skyrim.

Mind 2

It's nearly two years old, out of warranty, and I'd like something a bit newer (LED), and a smaller bezel.

I've researched loads of TV's in my budget at the moment, and out of those, all I seem to find is contradictory info regarding, ghosting and input lag, which will affect my game play. Also that some TV's are made with different panels so it could be pot luck on which I get!

So two years on, for more money, would I be buying a worse TV than I already have, for my usage??

I have settled on these three TV's as they are well priced and in my budget, don't really want to spend more at the moment.

The LG 42LN5400 LED for €390. the SAMSUNG UE40EH5000 for €377 or the SAMSUNG UE40F6100 - LED-backlit 3D TV for €449

The only real specs I'm interested in are full HD, and having low input lag for gaming. Is it worth taking the chance with a new one, or would I be better off sticking with the old one?

Thanks for any insight given.


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It seems your TV is a IPS LCD.

The LG 42LN5400 LED is also a IPS panel & won't give you an upgrade at all.

The two Samsung sets are VA panels & have double the contrast as your TV & much deedper black levels, but be warned they will have inferior viewing angles.

The motion resolution will be the exact same for all these panels though. The higher end panels only have more advanced motion blur reducing options.

The reviews for the EH5000 seems like it is a solid budget panel all around & great for gaming

The only review I found on the F6100 is this

They don't go into much detail & just mention that the UE40F6800 is better & worth the extra money.
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