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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchsed a 60" LG60PS60 plasma TV and a Yamaha RX-V565 A/V receiver. I already have a 5.1 setup, but it is a mish-mash of 8 year old Best Buy speakers.

I'm planning to purchase one of the following from ABT electronics. They offer free shipping to Chicago. Below are the prices they quoted me.

Polk Audio TSi series1:

Fronts: TSi 400 - $479 (pair)

Center: TSi CS10 $150

Rear: TSi 100 $190 (pair)

Sub: PSW110 $240
TOTAL: $1059

Polk Audio TSi series2:

Fronts: TSi 400 - $479 (pair)

Center: TSi CS20 $250

Rear: TSi 200 $290 (pair)

Sub: PSW110 $240
TOTAL: $1259

Klipsch Reference series

Fronts: RF-52 $530 (pair)

Center: RC52 - $270

Rear: RS42 - $400 (pair)

Sub: RW10d - $440
TOTAL: $1640

My Budget is $1500.

Room size(feet): 17 L x 10 W x 8 H

3 walls. One opens to a hallway. Carpeted floor.

Usage: 70% Movies Blu-ray PS3 / 30% PS3 games

I know everyone hears things differently, but in terms of quality, would you say the Klipsch Reference series is leaps and bounds better than the Polk Audio TSi series? Or are they roughly in the same ballpark? I wouldn't mind saving a buck if I could

I won't be listening 'purely' to music, I just want awesome sound from blu-ray movies and games. So, for a room my size, would you say the "TSI Series1" would be sufficient or go a little higher to "TSI Series2" or just get the Klipsch even though it's over budget?

I am planning to audition these prior to purchase.


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I'm a novice and not an audiophile, but for what it's worth I have a pair of TSi400s and a CS10 and I'm happy with them, and from what I could tell prior to purchasing them they get good reviews. I think the TSi400s are the rough equivalent of the older monitor 60s, and there seem to be many happy monitor series customers.

I saw a recent post (not sure if it was this forum or another), where someone had called Polk to ask about the CS10 vs CS20. If I recall correctly the rep said that for movies there wouldn't be a huge difference. I think I came across some CS10 vs CS20 discussions when I bought the CS10 though, so you might want to search for those, and of course your onw ears will tell you when you listen to them.

If you go with the Polks you might want to think about your subwoofer choice. Polk doesn't have as strong a reputation for subwoofers as far as I could tell, so I actually combined my Polk speakers with a Klipsch sub-10 sub which is a solid product.
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