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New TV recommendation for clueless guy

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So I just got married, and in the process got my first TV (yeah, 28 years old and no TV until now). My wife has pushed me to go all out, so we've already purchased a JVC DVD (progressive) player, JVC reciever/speakers, and the TIVO/DirectTV will be installed on Monday. Her old 20" TV is about ten years old and only has one coaxial input, so I think it's time to replace it.

My question is what TVs should I look at getting. I'm not looking to drop more than around $500, tops (which if I was single would be about ten video games or thirty books). If possible, I would like to get a JVC TV for the simple reason that the reciever and DVD player have something called AV Compu Link which allows them to communicate with eachother (only one remote required). We live in a small townhouse in on Capitol Hill in DC, so we have limited space and will be sitting about nine feet from wall where the TV will go, so I'm thinking that a 32" TV will be about as deep in the back as we can go.

Any recommendations for a new TV? Is HDTV worth it or should I wait four years and then trade in for a HDTV? How should I connect the TV to the receiver/DVD player (S-Video/optical/AV Input)? What features should I look for in a new TV (flat screen, resolution, etc)?

Thanks in advance for helping out a new guy to the TV world.
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I'm in Canada so I don't know what $500 buys down there. But you should be able to get a pretty decent flat screen I would imagine. My preference would be to Sony, Panasonic or Toshiba but JVC, especially the I'Art wouldn't be bad either.

As for connections, you should be fine with S-Video. Don't know which JVC receiver you have but it probably does S-Video switching, in which case you would run your S-Video from both sources into the receiver and S-Video from the monitor out on the receiver to the TV. Also, of course, you are going to run audio from both sources into the receiver.
Look at the Samsung 480P progressive scan TVs at Best Buy.
You need a digital/HD (not the older analog) TV set in order to support a progressive scan DVD player. You can get a Samsung 27" HDTV set for under $699, under $500 is analog only. A better choice would be a 30" or 34" 16:9 widescreen HDTV for around $1000-1800.
Thumperboy is right... a progressive scan dvd player will not perform any better than a normal dvd player if it's not hooked up to a HDTV (or EDTV) with component (3 red/green/blue) inputs. The EDTV's are about half way between standard tv and high def tv resolution but sufficient for progressive scan. JVC makes HDTV's but they're not in lower price points.

You'll have to decide if you want to go for the extra money to support the prog scan DVD or keep to the $500 limit and utilize the dvd as a standard player.

If you go for the extra, I'd look at Samsungs 27' and 30' widescreen models. You can sometimes find a good price break searching reputable merchants on the net once you know what model you want.
Yup the guys just about said it all. The only other thing is get what is in your budget now which won't be HD but maybe ED and the picture will

look so much better then what your used to, down the road you might want to upgrade. There are some very good sales for a 27 or 32 inch

set under $500 if you go a little higher you could get a HD set like Zenith's

27v36for around $600.

If you are willing to go a litttle higher (and I recommend that you do) you could get an HDTV that will last you a lot longer than a SDTV. Here is a link for a Sanyo 32" HDTV. This set sells for 699 at walmart.


I know that some on this forum might look down on a Sanyo, but from my experience, they are a really good set. At walmart, all products only have a 90 day return policy, but if you look at the flip cards for the tv's only the Sanyo's have a 1 year return through walmart. The sanyo at the walmart where I live is hooked up to an echostar HD dish with discover HD on in 1080i. All I can say is that the picture is absolutly crisp and clear. So much more clear than the panasonic that is hooked up right next to it. One thing that I have found to be true is that once walmart carries a product, you can pretty much bet that the price will fall very quickly. Good luck and welcome to the couch potato world.
The prices for HD sets are really starting to drop, a few moths ago Walmart had a Sanyo for around $600 it might have been this one. There are the Zenith's 27' for 600 and the 32 is $799 with DVI, philips has some models under $800 and Samsung of course has a few different models also. I think

next year at this time will see under $500 CRTs maybe even a 15 to 20 LCD

for around $500.
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