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New TV, Stand and Receiver. Need speaker help.

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I just bought a 65" Sharp, Sony 2400ES Receiver and this stand.

The image is not of my house, tv, or gear, but is the same stand. I have glass installed in all three windows, but am considering replacing the center window, (which is wood in that image) with a speaker grill for a center speaker.

I currently have 4 JBL HLS820's for the four corners, a 12" powered sub and a JBL HLS center.

My problem is that with the TV on the stand, I have no place other than that center slot for a vertical speaker. My HLS Center is too tall to fit by about an inch. I have been thinking of wiring the speakers on the TV to receive the center channel, but am concerned about the sound quality not being a match to the JBL's. I don't know the impedance of the speakers on the TV, but I can wire and adjust that as needed. I saw the thread in this forum about using the center speakers and I know that this is not encouraged by many people here. BTW, my tv speakers are in a removable bar and connected by a pair of wires to the TV. Easy mod.

Aren't the sound dispersion patterns of most center speakers designed for horizontal placement?

My options.

Use a ghost center. - not my first choice by far.

Find a bookshelf speaker to mount in the center slot on my cabinet.

Wire my TV speakers to the center channel output.

Mount the TV on the wall and put a real center speaker under it. ( don't want it on the wall, btw. )

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


btw, the TV and Amp coming tomorrow. Yipee..
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You've got nothing to loose, try them all and go with what ever sounds the best. Although the TV speakers won't have nearly the range your present ones have so I would try to find a way to make your center work, either by mounting above or below the TV on a bracket of some sort, homemade possibly, or something of that nature.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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