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Over the last couple days, I've discovered that I'll have a couple unexpected jobs coming up that will deposit around $750 in my bank account. Being an avid gamer/movie watcher I've been wanting to get a TV for some time. I'm currently playing/watching on my computer monitor, which looks great but is only 23". I decided to blow the unexpected windfall on a new TV for the living room. The seating is currently about 9'-10' feet away, so I'm planning on getting a 42" tv. I've looked at countless reviews, comparisons, and general information without feeling like I have a good feeling about any particular display. So, my question...

What has been your best experience with a gaming/movie display in the $600-$800 price range?

A little more background info,

- I don't have cable, any tv shows I watch are through Hulu, Prime, Netflix

- Gaming and movies are of equal importance for the display

- I have a PS3 to stream everything making excellent connectivity of no importance

- Sound is not an issue as I have a 5.1 system already hooked up to the PS3

- I'd be willing to hear a case for plasma or LED-LCD, the room gets a fair amount of light (has curtains though), I'm leaning toward LED-LCD

- 3D isn't super important to me as I generally get headaches

As of right now, I've been most interested in either a LG LA6200 or LG LM6200. I know the question has been asked in another thread, but it seems like the primary difference between the two is that the LA is direct-LED and the LM is edge lit (advantages of one or the other?), is that it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.
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