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Hi folks.

I am wondering if anyone here has a 66x0N unit.

I live in Oz and mine is te 6640N but I think/hope that the 6600N and mine are only slightly different and the questions are easily resolved anyway.

Mine has TWO tuners, so I can watch one channel while recording another.

The thing is, when a program is about to start recording, the unit insists on jumpeing to the channel to be recoded.

Kind of annoying if I am watching the other channel.

If I use the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) to record a show some/most times it gives the wrong name when I go back to watch it.

If I wait for the show to start THEN press record and pick the EPG option, it gets the right name - obviously I guess.

I tried (attempted) to join the TVIX forum on their page, but it doesn't seem to work. Has anyone else had this problem?

I got an acknowledgement e-mail but no "you account is active" one. When I replied to this it bounced and said the e-mail address was not available or something. Basically it seems like a bit of a con job.
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