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Bought this unit 2 months ago for $500. I opened the box to inspect everything after receiving it. It has never been installed or turned on.

I found out after buying the unit that the wiring I did for my house would not work with this unit. I was unable to return it to the place I bought it for.

Wall port connection block: Fast and easy wire management for a neat, attractive installation

RS-232 port: Allows for connection to home integration and automation systems

Source grouping: Allows multiple zones to share sources

Party mode: Allows for all zones to be selected to the same source and a single keypad for complete control

CA4 Kit Contents:(1) CA4 Controller, (4) CA4-KP Keypads, (1) CA4-WP Wall Port, (5) Almond keypad conversion plates, (1) CA-RC Remote control, (4) 845.1 Single IR emitters, (4) Source label sets, (1) Pair of rack ears, (1) Instruction manual
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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