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apparently there is a batch finding its way to market. Anybody know what is different? I still would like to see it able to eat the Mpeg datastream from an internal DVD, deinterlace, and put it back over the PCI bus to graphics, but I guess we need some kind of a PCI turbo??

The news I got about new H3D is from cellarcinemas, that mod`s the 9700 card with new connectors. Here the emails:

I would like to help you out, but this is just too complex. We don’t offer the 9700 AIW board, don’t support PAL at all, and the Holo3DGraph is no longer available until the next generation board ships next month. Like you said, the extra shipping and customs issues are complexities as well.

The best I can do is offer you one of our known quantities which is a Radeon 9500 or 9700 Pro pre-modified with the Clarity circuit. You can order these boards on our web site where you will also be able to get an international shipping quote.

Although I have no experience with the PAL version of the Radeon tuners, I don’t recommend the AIW for high-quality video. Instead I would get a high-quality external PAL tuner/VCR and feed the output into the Holo3DGraph.


Craig Heim

Cellar Cinemas, Inc.

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Subject: question about the clarity MP-1 modserverice

Good day gentlemen

Just moved to France, realizing everything is upside down here (secam - need I say more!!), I would be interested in the clarity MP-1 service modification on the radeon 9700. But since I had to throw my VCR I used as tuner, I would be intersted in the 9700 all-in-winder edition to use the tv-tuner. Here comes the question: would you be willing to do the above modification on this card, if I buy it in France, ship it, and you ship it back? Of course I realize there will be all kinds of exytra cost, and explaining to customs, but due to the habit of everything being a bit different here, I would rather buy the card here.

Any discount if buy the H3D at the same time??

and - finally one for support... will I be able to use the tuner, get the tv-signal out on composite, loop it to the H3D card, for eventually getting out on the 9700 again??
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